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        Advanced Tomography Holder 高級三維重構樣品桿


        Ideal for room-temperature electron tomography;
        High-tilt angles;
        Optimized specimen clamping;
        Extended field of view;
        Easy, accurate specimen loading and centering.
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        Large field of view at high-tilt angles

        The Advanced Tomography Holder is a revolutionary room-temperature specimen holder for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) featuring high-tilt and extended field of view. It allows data collection over wide-tilt and translation ranges, even in restrictive pole-piece gap geometries.

        Advances in microstructural characterization require the ability to analyze structure and chemistry in three dimensions. However, most TEM techniques are limited to producing two-dimensional information. Tomography on the other hand, combines two-dimensional data sets taken at various tilt angles to produce a three-dimensional reconstruction. The Advanced Tomography Holder is ideal for electron tomography in the life and physical sciences, as well as any other application requiring high specimen tilt.


        No shadows

        A streamlined specimen clamping mechanism eliminates the shadowing associated with most holders at high-tilt angles. The clamping mechanism accepts a standard 3 mm diameter TEM specimen and accommodates a wide range of specimen thicknesses. The specimen clamping mechanism produces an evenly distributed force on the specimen.





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