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        Analytical Tomography Holder 分析型三維重構樣品桿


        Optimized for energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy;
        Beryllium tip and clamps minimize X-ray interference;
        High-tilt angles;
        Large field of view;
        Easy, accurate specimen loading and orientation.
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        Facilitates the acquisition of structural and elemental information in three dimensions

        The Analytical Tomography Holder is optimized for energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The holder tip and clamps are manufactured from beryllium to minimize X-ray interference when conducting the elemental analysis of the specimen. Imaging specimens at extremely high-tilt angles with large fields of view in pole-piece gaps of 5 mm or greater is possible. 

        The Analytical Tomography Holder is ideal for electron tomography when the combination of structural and elemental composition is required, as well as any other application requiring high specimen tilt.


        No shadows

        A streamlined specimen clamping mechanism eliminates the shadowing associated with most holders at high-tilt angles. The clamping mechanism accepts a standard 3 mm diameter TEM specimen and accommodates a wide range of specimen thicknesses. The specimen clamping mechanism produces an evenly distributed force on the specimen. The tapered, self-centering specimen cup guides the specimen into position. The fully retractable clamps make it easy to prealign or rotate the specimen manually for a dual-axis tilt series.





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