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        Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography Holder 超高分辨極靴三維重構樣品桿


        Room temperature tomography in ultra-high resolution microscopes
        Extended field of view at high-tilt angles
        Can tilt up to 90o
        Suitable for ultra-narrow gap (< 3 mm) pole-piece geometries
        Optimized specimen protection during insertion into the TEM
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        Tilts up to 90° in pole-piece gaps less than 3 mm

        The ability to collect three-dimensional information over large ranges of tilt in room temperature transmission electron microscopy reaches a mechanical limitation dictated by the combination of specimen thickness, size, specimen support, pole-piece geometry, aperture, and specimen holder configuration.

        To obtain high-tilt angles in transmission electron microscopes, the pole-piece gap should be large and unrestricted. However, for some ultra-high resolution materials science microscopes, this gap can be less than 3 mm. Hence, high tilt with traditional 3 mm specimen geometry is not possible. The Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography Holder is capable of tilting up to 90º while providing a maximized field of view.


        Advanced clamping and retracting mechanisms

        The Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography Holder accepts a 1.5 mm square or round TEM specimen or grid into a cartridge, securing it with a single clamp.

        To protect the specimen during holder insertion into and removal from the TEM goniometer, the Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography Holder features an advanced mechanism that retracts the specimen cartridge into the body of the specimen holder.





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