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        Cryo-Can 掃描電鏡液氮冷肼


        Eliminates sample contamination during scanning electron microscope (SEM) operation;
        SEM can be used while the Cryo-Can is cooled, even on SEMs without airlocks;
        Contaminants condense onto a removable, cold surface;
        Can work either before or while the SEM is operating.
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        Provides clean environment for SEM

        The Cryo-Can provides a clean environment for SEM sample imaging and analysis. It helps eliminate chamber contamination resulting from sample outgassing and other sources. The Cryo-Can improves both imaging and analytical data quality. It is ideal for high beam current applications.


        Uses SEM vacuum system

        The Cryo-Can vacuum container is readily connected to one of the SEM chamber ports and does not need an independent vacuum system. A removable liquid nitrogen vessel is contained within the vacuum container.  Once the SEM chamber and Cryo-Can are evacuated, liquid nitrogen is introduced into the vessel of the Cryo-Can. The cold surface of the vessel traps contaminants outside the SEM chamber.


        Removing the condensed contamination

        The liquid nitrogen vessel is typically removed after 30 minutes to 5 hours of operation.  Removing the vessel while it is cold removes the condensed contamination from the SEM.  Placing a lid on the vacuum container seals the SEM chamber when the Cryo-Can is not in use. When the SEM vacuum system is activated, the Cryo-Can is evacuated along with the SEM chamber.
        Once the liquid nitrogen vessel is emptied and placed onto a stand, both the vessel and the stand can be baked to regenerate the surface of the liquid nitrogen vessel, allowing it to be reused without reintroducing contamination into the SEM.





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