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      1. 產品中心


        Vacuum Pumping Station 樣品桿存儲站


        High-precision valves ensure vacuum integrity;
        Stores up to five transmission electron microscope specimen holders;
        Provides safe storage of specimen holders under clean, vacuum conditions.
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        The Vacuum Pumping Station allows for the simultaneous vacuum storage of up to five plasma-cleaned specimens and transmission electron microscope (TEM) specimen holders. It includes a heavy-duty metal base, five Model 9010 Vacuum Storage Containers, a vacuum pumping manifold, and all of the necessary components for connection to the Model 1020 Plasma Cleaner or the Model 1070 NanoClean.

        The Vacuum Storage Containers are individually valved to facilitate specimen holder insertion and removal from the Vacuum Pumping Station. High-precision valves ensure vacuum integrity for prolonged periods. The Vacuum Storage Container is typically evacuated through the use of the Plasma Cleaner's oil-free vacuum system.

        The specimen portion of the TEM specimen holder can be directly observed through a sight glass. An aluminum outer housing provides a high degree of protection to the specimen holder, enabling the safe storage of specimen holders under clean, vacuum conditions.





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