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        Dimpling Grinder 精密凹坑儀


        Controlled thinning rate
        Easy to use
        Automated operation
        Alignment microscope
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        Prethins specimens for ion milling

        The Model 200 Dimpling Grinder is a state-of-the-art mechanical grinder for preparing electron microscopy samples. It is indispensable when ion milling is used for final specimen thinning. Once the specimen is prethinned by dimpling, ion milling must remove only a relatively small amount of material.

        High-quality specimens for transmission electron microscopy need to be both rugged and have a large electron transparent area for analysis. Dimpling is a rapid technique that involves rotating both the grinding wheel and the specimen. This combination of motions produces a specimen with only its central area reduced to a thickness of a few microns.


        Automated, precise, easy to use

        The automated and versatile dimpling grinder can be used for flat grinding, dimpling, or polishing. The dimpling grinder features grinding rate control, a precise indication of specimen thickness, and an easy-to-use interface.

        The specimen can be accurately positioned using an optical microscope with transmitted and/or reflected light. The final specimen thickness is readily programmed for accurate, unattended operation.





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