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        XTEM Prep Kit 橫截面工具包


        Fabricate precise cross-section specimens for transmission electron microscopy
        Aligns area of interest
        Produces consistent glue layer thickness
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        Fabricate precise XTEM specimens

        The XTEM Prep Kit makes it easy to stack and bond together rectangular wafers obtained from the area of interest of the bulk material. A vise assembly holds the wafers in place while the vacuum-compatible epoxy is curing. The wafer stack is subsequently cored and sectioned into disk specimens. The XTEM Prep Kit produces specimens with a high level of mechanical integrity and a consistent glue layer thickness. The kit includes all components needed to produce high-quality, cross-section specimens.


        Align interface of interest

        For the study of interfaces by transmission electron microscopy, it is critical to align the interface of interest parallel to the incident electron beam. One method for preparing such samples is to fabricate cross-section specimens. Typical cross-section specimens include semiconductor devices, specimens with thin film layers, and composite materials.





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